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New Cabinetry
Kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, islands and more

Give us your wishlist and we’ll make it fit.

Since the mid-1980s, Lloyd Scott Enterprises has been earning a reputation for quality new cabinetry built on excellent craftsmanship and high work standards. You choose the style and we make your cabinets from scratch to your specifications in our shop. Our signature design feature is our standard strength specifications for all of our cupboards. From optional dovetail drawers to complimentary design elements, we can create modern kitchens without losing the craftsmanship of the past. We create a 3D map of your kitchen or space and our custom CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery takes the specific information for your project and cuts and designs your cabinets with high precision and accuracy. It is a cost-effective means to produce the style and detail you have chosen for your project. Our showroom features a wide variety of product samples, including not just cabinet designs but also granite, quartz and laminate counter tops, custom islands and our portfolio of possibilities.

We also offer custom cutting for do-it-yourself projects or for other clients and companies.

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A Fresh Look
Refacing your current cabinets: Options to upgrade doors, moldings, hinges and more

Upgrade the look of your kitchen without the cost of a complete remodel. A kitchen ‘reface’ means we cover the exposed frames of your cabinets with a thin veneer of real wood or a coloured laminate of your choosing. The structure of your kitchen and cabinets remain the same but have a new look. The options for colours, textured laminates and wood styles are endless. Doors and drawers are also refaced to match or complement the new style. Moldings, hardware, hinges and doors can also be updated to fit the new aesthetic. Or possibly you’d like a kitchen reface but to also add a new cabinet or two.

You decide what is needed and we will make your kitchen look brand new.

Visit our showroom to see the wide selection of colours and styles we can offer you.

Our Cabinetry Work

Here are some of our recent projects which range from kitchens & baths to entry halls, storage areas, entertainment areas, and everything in between.

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